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Notepad++ PML syntax highlight

Hi everyone!!

Notepad++ comes without PML syntax  because it’s not very popular language. But without syntax hightlighting I feel like no hands, so I configurated it and would like to share my configs 🙂 Continue reading Notepad++ PML syntax highlight

Notepad++ Plugins For Easy Development

There are many available plugins, but, of course, we’ll not use all of these, so here’s some selected plugins that should be known by developers.

1. IndentByFold

IndentByFold is an auto indent plug-in for Notepad++ based on the language folding level.



2. QuickText

Quicktext is a Notepad++ plugin for text substitution with multi field inputs. It’s similar to Tab Triggers in TextMate, Resharper/CodeRush in Visual Studio. PLEASE UPDATE Notepad++ v5.4.4 if QuickText isn’t functional.

Continue reading Notepad++ Plugins For Easy Development