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Web and HTML programming flat illustration

This Blog is dedicated to customization of Aveva solutions (plus other related software) and was created to show people the power of customization. Just spend some time and use your imagination.

You may send me  any questions related to Aveva software.

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Yevhen,

    I have one problem.
    We have temperature dependent insulation spec.
    I can check insulation thickness of branch by Q INTH.
    Now I want to call this insulation thickness in isometric sheet title block area.
    But this attributes is not visible in isodraft option.
    Can you give me idea to solve this problem?

    Pravin Halai

  2. Dear Mr. me_hungry,

    Do you have any document about BOCAD. If you have could you please share it to me.

    Thank so much!

  3. Good morning, I am looking for a 2T Come Along PDMS model I can use in my current model. Anyone know where I can get one of those and any other hoists, snatch blocks and any other mechanical handling equipment?

  4. I downloaded your apa.exe file but could not get it out. There is no Convert and save button. please help me.

  5. hello
    i want to check the angle between p1 and p3 of a tee to see whether it is a lateral or not. so, i came up with the below code but it always gives me 90 degrees and i do not know why :

    DbQualifier P1 = new DbQualifier();

    DbQualifier P3 = new DbQualifier();

    Direction dir3 = null;
    Direction dir1 = null;

    bool isDir3Valid = appElement.element.GetValidDirection(DbAttributeInstance.PDIR, P3, ref dir3);

    bool isDir1Valid = appElement.element.GetValidDirection(DbAttributeInstance.PDIR, P1, ref dir1);

    if (isDir1Valid && isDir3Valid)
    angle = dir1.Angle(dir3);

    angle = Math.Round(angle, digits: 2);

    return true;

  6. Hello Me_hungry.
    I want to edit the design explorer to block the COPY/PASTE from there.
    Any ideia how I get this?
    I see you add some customizations on Design Explorer.


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