Aveva. PML. Read data from excel(.xls)

Sometimes its need to read data from excel file not just .csv file, import data from some external source. With such little macro you can do it.


–Open Forms\Hide
show !!spreadsheetimport
hide !!spreadsheetimport
!!spreadsheetImport.setDataHandler(object EQUILOADER())
!!spreadSheetImport.filename.val = ‘c:\PipeImport.xls’ $* Excel PATH
–Find first column names
!array = ARRAY()
do !rowVals values !!spreadSheetImport.dataGrid.getrows()
!row = ”
do !rowVal indice !rowVals
!sep = ”
!sep = ‘ ‘
!row = !row + !sep + !rowVals[!rowVal]
q var !array

[1] ‘100-B-1 PIPE 1’
[2] ‘100-B-2 PIPE 2’

This file need to be place here ‘c:\PipeImport.xls’ to test my code.

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