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Exchange data(graphics) with PDMS


AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA E3D includes a set of utilities, that allow you to export 3D model to third-party applications and import graphics from them.

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Find SCTN end clashed with Panel

This macro may be used to find out, what END is closer to PANE (or all other types) that is intersects SCTN.2018-03-06_003234

We use clash tool, to find out at what point we have collision and than check which end is closer to it.


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Aveva. Admin. Reconfig DB with cross-references

Sometimes happens that we need to change DB number to other DB number. But what should we do with cross-references? Use the method that is described below and there will be no problems.

This is for experienced PDMS admins, anyway make backup before this steps!!!

If the contents of more than one DB are to be transferred, provided no reference attributes point outside the set of DBs being transferred, an extension of the same procedure could be used. Consider the transfer of the whole of one Design DB, the whole of a Catalogue DB and one item of equipment from a second Design DB, thus:

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Export from 3ds Max to AVEVA PDMS


AVEVA                                                          3D MAX


Finally, I wrote suitable interface to upload any geometry to Aveva PDMS or E3D.
3Ds max works with almost any format, so I chose it like transition tool from other softwares, it is also perfect instrument to create equipment.
My plugin is not optimised but works as a charm.

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