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PML for Basic Level


In this section you can find intermediate level information about PML/PML2.

PML stands for Programmable Macro Language – it is a programming language for AVEVA PDMS

Such concepts like variable, arrays, forms, collection, loop and etc.

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By Romeldhagz

Show P-Points in Design

Sometimes you need to see which p-point is located towards pipeline  or maybe you need to figure out which connection type or diameter is located at the leaving part of the element.


This tool may help you, just navigate to pipe element, open form and press button show Ppoints.


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Loading and Displaying Forms — Basic PML

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A form definition must be loaded before the form can be displayed. If you have stored the definition in a .pmlfrm file then loading will be automatic when the form is displayed for the first time. Normally, a form is displayed as a result of the operator making a menu selection or pressing a button on a form. This is achieved either by using the Form Directive in the menu or button definition (see next section) or by means of the command show !!formname used in the gadget’s callback. Continue reading Loading and Displaying Forms — Basic PML