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3D Letters with Panels & Plates & Equi

Usually we need text in 3D model for explanation of structural blocks.


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Loading and Displaying Forms — Basic PML

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A form definition must be loaded before the form can be displayed. If you have stored the definition in a .pmlfrm file then loading will be automatic when the form is displayed for the first time. Normally, a form is displayed as a result of the operator making a menu selection or pressing a button on a form. This is achieved either by using the Form Directive in the menu or button definition (see next section) or by means of the command show !!formname used in the gadget’s callback. Continue reading Loading and Displaying Forms — Basic PML

Aveva. Export pipes to PCF

PCF is the file that can be used to calculate of heat tracing, there are few methods to generate it from pdms – use isodraft or use form that below .

Here is the form, that can export pipes from AVEVA PDMS to PCF.

1. Extract the caesariipcf.pmlfrm to PMLLIB folder
2. Go to design module and type in command line PML REHASH ALL
3. Run the macro by typing show!!caesariipcf in Design module.
4. Select the pipe you want to export. Press the Add CE button on the form
5. The form will add all branches in the pipe. You may add more that 1 pipe. Select only the branches you want to extract. Make sure they are highlighted.
6. Press the Export button
7. The output file will be stored at %pdmswk%\CaesarPCF\ folder. The name of the file will be corresponding to the branch name. 1 file for each branch.

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Aveva. Pdms. Customise. UserControl

Here  you can find C# UserControl (PDMS version 12.0.6) + UserControl (PDMS version 12.1.4), that will make your life with PDMS little happier 🙂

Place genprimitives.pmlfrm to  d:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.0.SP6\PMLLIB\design\forms\genprimitives.pmlfrm

and uLable.dll to D:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.0.SP6\. 

Dont forget to make Backup of your files (PDMSUI\clib\files\ ) in that directory!!

Video Manual how it can be used: