Exchange data(graphics) with PDMS


AVEVA PDMS and AVEVA E3D includes a set of utilities, that allow you to export 3D model to third-party applications and import graphics from them.

Mechanical Equipment Interface (MEI) – export\import models in format STP (STEP) 203. optional in IGES and SAT.
Implant-I – import model into AVEVA PDMS in format DGN
Implant-STL – import model into AVEVA PDMS in format STL
Explant-I – export model from AVEVA PDMS in format DGN
Explant-A –  export model from  AVEVA PDMS in format DXF
Open Steel – export/import SDNF
SAISP (Structural Analysys Interface to STAAD PRO) – it’s a two-ways interface using .STD files

Note that each of these utilities is licensed separately.

AVEVA E3D contains a similar set of utilities, but they are already included in the AVEVA E3D license.

From this set, the most preferable is using MEI to transfer model geometry. It should be mention that when importing a model into AVEVA PDMS \ E3D, it should be prepared and the excessive detailing should be excluded. The exported model from AVEVA E3D \ PDMS can be edited in any suitable CAD products.
The above utilities only transfer model graphics. Attributes must be unloaded separately (for example, via XLS files).

Also E3D now has IFC support.

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