AVEVA.PDMS.PML. Import Attributes from excel for CE

Update attributes for a particular element (seleceted in explorer) from a huge number of elements in excel. If you need to update all elements from the list check this.

You need only to change Excel path, that’s highlighted red in the code and navigate in design to your element

explorer to your element, then run macro

Example .xls:


Pmlmac Content:

–Open Forms\Hide
show !!spreadsheetimport
hide !!spreadsheetimport
!!spreadsheetImport.setDataHandler( object EQUILOADER() )
!!spreadSheetImport.filename.val = ‘c:\PipeImport.xls’         $* Excel PATH
–Find first column names
!arrayNames = !!spreadSheetImport.dataGrid.getrows().EVALUATE(OBJECT BLOCK(‘!!spreadSheetImport.dataGrid.getrows()[!EVALINDEX][1]’))
!stringSelected = !arrayNames.find(!!ce.namn)
–If it eq to CE then process it
if( !stringSelected.size() ne 0 )then

Video Manual:

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