Notepad++ Plugins

uPMLFormDesigner v 2.0.3 released (Latest)   Upd: Jul 22 19

uPMLFormDesigner v 2.0.2 released                 Updated: Sep 09 18

uPMLFormDesigner v 2.0.1 released                  Updated: Jul 25 18

uPMLFormDesigner v 1.0.0 released (beta)      Updated: Jun 15 16



uPMLFormDesigner is a free Plugin that can help you produce PML forms easily, using your favorite editor Notepad++.

2016-01-05_140313.jpgVideo Manual:

15 thoughts on “Notepad++ Plugins”

  1. bro can i have a copy of the installation files for the plug-in? the link above is not working.

      1. ThanX for your useful plugin, unfortunately my plugin doesn’t work properly same as uploaded video. (eg. Loag graphics menu in toolbox is not available) and after saving the form, EVERYTHING disappeared!!!
        Is it because of demo version? Can I have the full version??

  2. The DLL that I downloaded from above is not compatible with 64-bit Notepad++ that I have installed. Is there a 64-bit version of the DLL that I could be using?

  3. Hi,
    I’m using windows 10×64, with notepade++ v7.7.1 (32bites).
    the dll (copied in plugins folder) is not recognized.
    I have try with setting/import addins : the dll is found in plugins folder.
    after importing could not find the plugin again.

  4. Thank you for the application, for those having issues. Please note that you must run Notepadd with Admin rights in order to Import the plugin. Otherwise if you dont run in admin the import form will close and not do a thing. Spent an hour troubleshooting thinking that it was my Notepadd version that was causing problems. Hope this helps!

    @me_hungry would it be possible to share your .xml language file? i have only found a .uew file for UltraEdit but nothing for notepadd. You could be my hero if you were to share that pml.xml file i saw you have loaded on your youtube videos.

    Best Regards!

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