PML Basics. Dollar sign

Special Character $
The $ character has a special meaning in PML. It is an escape character, which means that together with the character which follows it are treated as a special instruction to PML.
The pair of characters beginning with $ is known as an escape sequence.

The Dollar $ symbol and its meanings

$M = Runs a macro in pdms
$! = Evaluate a varieble
$. = Terminates a macro
$S = Defines a synonym
$G = Defines a global synonym
$S- = Turns synonyms off
$S+ = Turns synonyms On
$QS = Queary’s the synonyms
$H = Help
$HR = get all options for $R
$Q = Another syntax help
$P = Prints a line to your command line
$$ = Adds a $ symbol
$D = Default argument value

$t8+ = turn on error handling
$t8- = turn off error handling
$* = Comment line
$( = Starts a comment block
$) = Ends a comment block
To turn the pml trace on and off I use
$R To turn trace Off
$R6 To turn trace On

$R 1 = Tracing to shell window (default)
2 = Tracing to requests window
4 = Tracing of only input lines executed
8 = Tracing of all input lines
16 = Tracing without $ expresion (default off)
32 = Tracing includes line numbers
64 = Tracing of macro/function changes
100 = General Debugging
102 = capture trace in ALPHA LOG

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