Import Acad 3d solids to Pdms Paragon

I wrote this Demo version of convertor from Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 to Aveva Pdms  Paragon sometimes ago. It can fransform 3d solids like:


I tested it only on several categories, so it probably has issues. It creates new category with only necessary elements. This is example what I got.. Maybe someday I will finish it..

You need to copy uAcadPDMS.dll to AutoCad directory, then open AutoCAD and write Netload > Select this .dll and write SO > Select solids and press enter. After that you will get file uExportFile.pmlmac inside D: directory. This file has same format as DBlisting, so you can just Drag and Drop it into Pdms CommandLine.

Video manual you can find here

Assembly here

DWG example from the manual

Some methods I took from this assembly written by h3nrik:

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