uPMLFormDesigner is a free Plugin that can help you to develop PML forms easily, using your favorite editor Notepad++.


uPMLFormDesigner v 2.0.2 released (Latest)    Upd: Sep 09 18

uPMLFormDesigner v 2.0.1 released                  Upd: Jul 25 18

uPMLFormDesigner v 2.0.0 released (beta)      Upd: May 05 18

uPMLFormDesigner v 1.0.3 released (fixes)      Upd: Apr 10 17

uPMLFormDesigner v 1.0.2 released                    Upd: July 11 16

uPMLFormDesigner v 1.0.1 released (beta)      Upd: Jan 30 16

Video Manual:

PML sample from the video


13 thoughts on “uPMLFormDesigner”

  1. Hi Me Hungry,
    For some reason it is not working for me, i.e. buttons drag&drop is not working nor opening file through “file–>open” option on PMLToolbox window, etc.
    Using Notepad++ 7.3.3 (x32)

    1. Hi!
      ‘Open’ button is not working now, I will fix it in next fix.
      You shouldn’t drag and drop controls, just choose control and then locate on working canvas(I’ll think about implement drag&drop).
      Thanks for the info!!

  2. Very nice looking tool!! Do you have a 64-bit version of the plugin though? V1.0.3 is not compatible with Notepad++ V7.5.1 (64-bit).

    1. Which version did you download? Try to download other bit version. My plugin v2 x86 is for Notepad++ x86 version, x64 for Notepad++ x64. It doesn’t depend on bit OS.

  3. window “Properties” works with errors. I edit fields like Height, Width and others, press Enter and error window appears

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