Bolt Reporting

Sometimes its hard to find out how to query info for bolts,
but with this post I think it will be easy.


VAR !p2bolt3len P2 BOLT 3 BLEN – to find out from p-point 1 of current element the length of third element (Bolt3) of bolting.

Bolt1 – nut
Bolt2 – washer
Bolt3 – stud

var !Total P2 BOLT TOTAL – total bolting set for P2 CE

Well and at last you can query:
SPRE –  spec reference of corresponding bolt element
RTEX – bolt description
STEX – bolt description
TTEX – bolt description
XTEX – bolt material
YTEX – bolt material
ZTEX – bolt material
BDIA – diameter
NOFF – quantity
BLEN – Length

var !p1bolt3noff P1 BOLT 3 NOFF – output quantity of stud in p-point 1

Thanks to JAK

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