Preview isometric in PDF using UserControl in Aveva Pdms

After updating Aveva Pdms to version 12.1 we got problem, that we can’t preview PLT files if we use TTF.


Yes, we can run two times export ISO to non TTF and TTF but its non-effective.

So I designed user control that can read PDF / SVG and inserted it in standard PML preview form. It works great.

Here you can download files:

uView.dll  – need to place D:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.1.SP4  (or wherever you’ve installed)

isdpreviewiso.pmlfrm – D:\AVEVA\Plant\PDMS12.1.SP4\PMLLIB\design\forms\isdpreviewiso.pmlfrm\
(make backup of existed file)

Option file should contain this line ‘File and DXF PDF’

PS: You can test this control with attached form uViewForm

Video manual:

5 thoughts on “Preview isometric in PDF using UserControl in Aveva Pdms”

  1. Hi, glad to browse your site, many interesting things here!
    and may I ask for a help on how to use the avevasvg control to display the svg file in Design module? would you mind give some code example for learning?

    Thanks a lot!

      1. Thank you very much!
        and is it possible to use the existing dll by aveva, like the AVEVASVGVIEWER.dll or SVGDrawingViewer.dll ?

  2. thanks for this great usercontrol, but I’ve a problem in displaying the PDF, as it is opened in the acrobat reader not inside the usercontrol.

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