Pipe Component Preview

While creating Pipe elements, we may face with situation when we need to preview category elements, that’s in current specification.compprev.png

With such form we can achieve needed behavior.
Just copy extracted uCatDetail  form to PMLLIB\design\forms

Open component creation form and Run in command line:

pml rehash all
show !!uCatDetail

What we will obtain watch here

13 thoughts on “Pipe Component Preview”

  1. it’s really cool
    But when i want close this window it’s automatically open when I click a new element and I don’t know what to add to permanent close it

      1. In general it partly works well BUT.
        When I close form “X” and open it once again component’s aren’t updated in form :(. I Have to Kill !!uCatDetail in command window and open once again
        If i write somewhere in script this comand it’s crashing my Aveva 😦

  2. ok i don’t know is it the best solution but it works:).
    I add a line before !!ucatdetail.hide()
    !!componentcreation.choices.callback = !this.pipecrecall
    kill !!uCatDetail

    if I

    then aveva crash 😦

  3. Hello Me_hungry,

    Have u any assembly manager video, regarding New assembly creation with rules???

    I seen your all video it is not available for assembly.

    Kindly send me if you have on “mk.patel08@gmail.com”

    Thanks in advance
    mEhul patel

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