Self Expunge from Pdms\E3D

Usually when user haven’t properly exit from Aveva Pdms, they leave phantom users in the system or claim some elements.

I designed this method for users use only. They can run the link, that referred to .bat file at the server. That script will go through all users entered to certain project and expunge only user with current host name.

Admin should configure script variables and must encrypt that .bat file to hide passwords (you can use bat to exe converter).

6 thoughts on “Self Expunge from Pdms\E3D”

  1. Hi,I’m tying to use this script. But in the line 4 of runIntoProject.bat (set RunScript=\\server\Aveva\PDMS\scripts\pdms-expunge-12.1SP4.bat), what is “pdms-expunge-12.1SP4.bat”? How can I configure this variable?

    Thank you.

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