Transfer AutoCAD’s profile to PDMS

This tool can be used to convert Autpcad profiles and panels to Aveva Pdms EQUI and STRU elements.


1 Load the net dll
Input the command is ‘netlod’ in cad commandline
2 Use the tools
Input the cammand is ‘AVEVAOP’ in cad commandline
3. You can create the site zone equi ……., then output it as an pml macor file.

Download link (Video Instruction and .dll): Link

Program was designed by YongjiuLiu and published here


6 thoughts on “Transfer AutoCAD’s profile to PDMS”

      1. Thanks, i just loaded that file to Auto Cad 2014 and command “avevaop” worked even if it worked in Outfitting module of Aveva Marine as well, so amazing, now we can make conflict boundary easy. Excellent.

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