Aveva. Dabacon errors Description

Here is descriptions for dabacon errors :

1 ‘Database full (no more references available)’
3 ‘Element definition not found’
4 ‘Element type not a legal member of current element’
5 ‘Current element has no list part’
6 ‘End of list has been reached’
10 ‘Invalid external reference’

13 ‘Operation attempted on empty stack’
15 ‘Invalid stack token’
17 ‘Attribute is of wrong type’
18 ‘Attribute not found’
22 ‘Reference points to element of illegal type’
23 ‘Data array too small (or too large)’
25 ‘Name already associated with this reference (DDEFIN)’
27 ‘Name has already been used (DDEFIN)’
28 ‘Element has no name (DDECOD)’
30 ‘Element has no name (DENCOD)’
34 ‘Invalid direction given’
37 ‘File write failed’
38 ‘File read failed’
41 ‘Database not open’
42 ‘Database already open’
48 ‘Illegal current position’
50 ‘Attempt to alter locked element’
51 ‘Too many DSAVEs’
60 ‘Unrecognized % parameter’
62 ‘%NPAGES out of range’
63 ‘%PGSIZE out of range’
64 ‘%TPGSIZ out of range’
65 ‘%MXSTKS out of range’
66 ‘%MXDBS out of range’
67 ‘%MXTDBS out of range’
68 ‘%MXQREFS out of range’
69 ‘%MXSTLN out of range’
70 ‘%NSTKS out of range’
71 ‘%SCACHE out of range’
91 ‘Attempt to write to read only database’
92 ‘Number of open db files exceeded’
106 ‘Failed to claim workspace’
400 ‘No page frame headers available’
401 ‘File switch failed’
403 ‘Cannot delete an extract db with sub-extracts’
404 ‘Cannot delete an extract when elements are claimed’
405 ‘DB still had search tokens’
406 ‘Internal consistency error’
501 ‘Invalid extract number’
502 ‘Update DB direct flag already set’
503 ‘Update DB direct flag not set’
504 ‘Maximum number of buckets for references exceeded’
505 ‘Internal element reference not found in plu’
506 ‘DB number does not correspond with that given at set update db direct’
507 ‘Invalid attribute’
508 ‘Page locked, but should not be – table search/compare still active?’
509 ‘Operation not allowed on multiname table’
510 ‘Invalid session number’
511 ‘File is not a Dabacon db file’
512 ‘Invalid DB number’
513 ‘Invalid owning DB extract’
514 ‘No more room on page 1’
515 ‘Too many template dbs open’
516 ‘Session page not found’
517 ‘File is not a template db’
518 ‘Template db of this type already open’
519 ‘Required template db not open’
520 ‘Potentially inconsistent flag set’
521 ‘Template db in use’
522 ‘Updates outstanding’
523 ‘Table not found’
524 ‘Table search tokens still allocated at dfinis’
525 ‘Create information too long’
526 ‘Number of table search tokens exceeded’
527 ‘Table search token out of range’
528 ‘Table search token not in use’
529 ‘Table entry already exists’
530 ‘Cannot save work whilst in this state’
531 ‘Key size given does not match that for table’
532 ‘Data size given does not match that for table’
533 ‘Stack too small’
534 ‘Table entry does not exist’
535 ‘Table has been modified, so search invalidated’
536 ‘Invalid mode given’
537 ‘User name too long’
538 ‘No current element’
539 ‘Attempt to remove static attribute’
540 ‘DB block for this db already open’
541 ‘Error using DT routines from save work/compact’
542 ‘Invalid information requested’
543 ‘Stack size exceeded’
544 ‘Current element still owns other elements’
545 ‘Element types are different’
546 ‘Attempt to remove element which is in more than one stack’
547 ‘Maximum database number exceeded’
548 ‘Template type mismatch’
549 ‘Template version number mismatch’
550 ‘DB block not found’
551 ‘List type mismatch’
552 ‘No current update db’
553 ‘No mark to go to’
554 ‘Cannot create an extract in an overwrite or singlewrite db’
556 ‘Sessions not allowed in overwrite dbs’
557 ‘Element has been modified in a later session’
558 ‘Element is claimed’
559 ‘Element does not belong to db given’
560 ‘Element modified, so cannot be released’
561 ‘Element name clash’
562 ‘Element has been created under deleted element’
563 ‘Cannot write to non_overwrite db while overwrite db open’
564 ‘No suspended db to restore’
565 ‘Element at top of hierarchy must be primary’
566 ‘Can only alter shared elements in shared mode’
567 ‘Attempt to restore or destroy a stack that has not been saved’
568 ‘Invalid table type’
569 ‘Element already exists’
570 ‘Invalid table key’
571 ‘Element is not claimed’
572 ‘Element already in a primary list’
573 ‘Cannot claim/release/flush a non-primary element’
574 ‘Incompatibility at save work’
575 ‘Cannot open a non_overwrite db in write-overwrite db open’
576 ‘Claim/Release/Merge failed’
577 ‘Deleted element that owns newly created elements’
578 ‘Page is not a db page’
579 ‘File flush failed’
580 ‘File refresh failed’
581 ‘Invalid integer table subscript’
582 ‘New and old owners must either both or neither be in list’
583 ‘Extract must be a leaf extract’
584 ‘Extract list given does not comprise a complete tree’
585 ‘Element owner must be in partial flush/abandon list’
586 ‘Owned element must be in partial flush/abandon list’
587 ‘Flush/refresh not allowed on copy extracts’
588 ‘Element is owned by a different extract or user’
589 ‘Attribute has been changed by 2 users’
590 ‘Attempt to delete an element someone else has changed’
591 ‘Attempt to change an element someone else has deleted’
592 ‘Element has been deleted by 2 users’
593 ‘Cannot introduce a new da into an existing shared element’
594 ‘Number of incore pages must be increased’
595 ‘Not valid on an overwrite db’
596 ‘Maximum number of owned elements exceeded’
597 ‘Token based routines should not be used after a DOPENW’
598 ‘Cannot abandon – elements claimed’
599 ‘Element must be claimed into this extract’
600 ‘No unused bucket for references found’
601 ‘No unused buckets available in extract’
602 ”
603 ‘Db must be a master with no owned extracts’
604 ‘Cannot clone session-claimed elements do not exist in cloned session’
605 ‘Element has no entry in parent claim list’
606 ‘Element in parent extract is claimed to another user/extract’
607 ‘Element needs claiming to child extract in parent extract’
608 ‘Claim to child extract in parent extract needs clearing’
609 ‘Claim list check routine has found inconsistencies’
610 ‘Release failed-element is claimed by another user/extract’
611 ‘Maximum number of member extracts exceeded’
612 ‘User entry not found on page 1’
613 ‘Previous flush could not be found’
614 ‘New sessions are not contiguous with existing ones’
615 ‘Create info on old and new page 0s differ’
616 ‘Invalid extract hierarchy’
617 ‘Extract is already in list of member extracts’
618 ‘Extract refers to data on owner which is not present’
619 ‘Cannot write to a db when it is DSWOLDed’
620 ‘User has been expunged’
621 ‘Invalid ELMSES’
622 ‘Cannot undo/redo’
623 ‘Attempt to access attribute beyond end of static attribute list’
624 ‘Cannot give session number for all dbs’
625 ‘Cannot change claim list if claim checking is on’
626 ‘When switching claim checking off, claim list must be empty’
627 ‘Db must be multiwrite’
628 ‘New attribute will not fit in shared element’
629 ‘Old and new page0s point to different session pages’
630 ‘Trying to update a page outside update db direct limits’
631 ”
632 ‘Bucket does not belong to db’
633 ‘Maximum number of user defined tables exceeded’
634 ‘Original db block not found’
635 ‘No current db block for given db’
636 ‘DB formats in extract hierarchy are not the same’
637 ‘DB is not newly created, so cannot set format’
638 ‘Invalid foreign character conversion’
639 ‘Operation not allowed in nosave mode’
640 ‘Pretend session found is greater than that given’
641 ‘Undo flush failed – there is a later failure that must be undone first’
642 ‘Invalid Unicode string’
643 ‘Part savework has not saved anything’
644 ‘Find failed – calling it again may cause infinite loop’
645 ‘Flush from child not found – may have been undone’
646 ‘Maximum number of pages to be read together exceeded’
647 ‘Invalid up pointer found when compacting’
648 ‘Element is of unknown type’
649 ‘Attribute is of unknown type’
650 ‘Element has been deleted in a later session’
651 ‘Element not found in extract’
652 ‘Cannot clone/backtrack to a pretend session’
653 ‘Session is being compared with itself’
654 ‘Attempt to update a page not in the current db’
655 ‘Page should be a temporary page not a db page’
656 ‘Unlocking a page that is not locked’
657 ‘There is already an entry on page 1 for this user’
658 ‘There is already an entry on page 1 for this bucket’
659 ‘Page is not a table page’
660 ‘Expected a page with a different table name’
661 ‘Expected a table page with a different level’
662 ‘Page split recommendation not valid’
663 ‘References of current element and on element page are not the same’
664 ‘Page is not a session page’
665 ‘Session page being created is not consistent with that pointed to by page 0’
666 ‘Page being written is not of correct type’
667 ‘Page read is not of correct type’
668 ‘Cannot suspend a db with extracts’
669 ‘Illegal/Unknown operation attempted’
670 ‘Unrecognised table definition type’
671 ‘Table already exists’

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