AVEVA. PML Basics. Conditions

Initial conditions of the code suggests that, depending on the specific parameters will be carried out one or another part of the program.
The basic syntax is:
if (condition) then
— Code executed when the condition
— If the conditions are not met, the code also will not be executed
Implementation of action depending on the type of the current element

— If the type of the current element is VALV, then
if (!!CE.Type EQ ‘VALV’) then
— Write to the variable var type of the current element and its name in the form!
!var =  !!CE.Type + ‘ – ‘ + !!CE.Name
— Derive the resulting value
  $P $!var

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Aveva. PML BASICS. Strings

Some techniques for working with string variables.

Initial string variable:

!stringVar = ‘Wedge gate valve with rising stem # 30c41nzh / 30nzh41nzh

Example 1: Separation of part to a certain character or expression

!resultVar = !stringVar.Before(‘#’)

As a result, the variable !resultVar written to ‘Wedge gate valve with rising stem’, that is something that is up to the value specified as a parameter to the method.

Used method .Before(‘DELIMITER’)
NB: spaces are also considered Continue reading Aveva. PML BASICS. Strings